Unicov town heating added a new CHP units

The company Martech Teplo - town heating provider in Unicov (CZ) put into operation two new motorgas cogeneration units. First smaller MGM 430 type powered with MAN gas engine. We present on the attached pictures the K4 boiler room with an MTU engine with an output of 800 kWe. We are looking forward for more [...]

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Biogas will provide energy for České Budějovice WWTP

Thanks to biogas, safely and independently on České Budějovice WWTP Operator of the wastewater treatment plant in České Budějovice and investor ČEVAK a.s. puts into operation the new MOTORGAS MGM 430 chp unit, which replaces the original cogeneration unit that was put into operation in 1996. As a backup, the second cogeneration unit with an [...]

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New CHP Container for Biogas Plant Bohusov

Operator of the biogas plant in Bohusov (Czechia) expanded the production capacity from 800 kWe to a total output of 1 MWe. MOTORGAS delivered a new container cogeneration unit with a MAN engine burning farm biogas. At today's electricity prices, this is an economically profitable project with no subsidy. In the past a similar projects [...]

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The All New Micro CHP

We are launching a new 50 kWe micro-chp (cogeneration) unit. Under the name mikroman 50 it is primarily intended for space tight machine (boiler) rooms which there is not much space left, and therefore we minimized the dimensions of the machine. The first mikroman unit was successfully put into operation in Smíchov, Prague, Czechia. A [...]

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CHP cutting prices of the heat in Cheb

Terea Cheb has long been focused on reliable heat supply for households and industrial customers in Cheb and Aš. It is one of the first heating companies in the Czech Republic to gasify heating plants after 1990 and transform them into combined heat and power plants with the gas cogeneration units. The service lifetime of [...]

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Twins of CHP containers to the Netherlands

Twins of double fuelled CHP containers to the Netherlands We built container mirror-symmetrical twins for our Dutch partner. They will be placed with a shorter wall next to each other, ie in a linear arrangement. Then there is the logical requirement that the electrical parts with the switchboards should be directly adjacent to each other [...]

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Trigeneration for Gas Distributor in Prague

Trigeneration for Gas Distributor in Prague Prague Gas Distribution company (Pražská plynárenská a.s.) - Prague, Czechia has been in operation of trigeneration since 1997. Trigeneration is actually a combination of a cogeneration unit and an absorption cooler. The heat from cogeneration can then be used not only for heating, but it is also possible to [...]

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CHP for WWTP Trinec (Czechia)

New container cogeneration unit with an output of 99 kWe at WWTP Trinec (Aqualia) Our traditional customer, SmVaK Ostrava owned by Aqualia, replaced old cogeneration units on WWTP Trinec (Czechia) with a new CHP with an electrical output of 99 kWe. It is a container CHP OUTdoor MGM 100. Motorgas made a complete turnkey delivery. Magazine [...]

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CHP for Kolobrzeg WWTP (Poland)

Two cogeneration units with an output of 2 x 253 kWe for the Kolobrzeg WWTP in Poland. In Poland, MOTORGAS has recently experienced extraordinary success. Mainly thanks to the activity of the subsidiary MOTORGAS based in Sopot, it succeeds in winning tenders at municipal wastewater treatment plants. One example of such a successful project is the Kolobrzeg [...]

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