Terea Cheb has long been focused on reliable heat supply for households and industrial customers in Cheb and Aš. It is one of the first heating companies in the Czech Republic to gasify heating plants after 1990 and transform them into combined heat and power plants with the gas cogeneration units.

The service lifetime of the original technologies was exhausted and it was necessary to start modernization and replacement of cogeneration units. At MOTORGAS, we are very proud that Terea chose our company and after the first joint project in 2018 with an output of 400 kW in Aš, they chose our technology with two cogeneration units, each with an output of 434 kWe / 552 kWt, to continue in the Cheb Zlatý Vrch heating plant.

At present, there are currently excruciating sharp increases in energy, electricity, heat and gas prices. Cogeneration partially dampens price shocks because, in principle, it better utilizes the input gas through the combined output to electricity and heat.