• mikroman
  • Akcent

The All New Micro CHP

We are launching a new 50 kWe micro-chp (cogeneration) unit. Under the name mikroman 50 it is primarily intended for space tight machine (boiler) rooms which there is not much space left, and therefore we [...]

  • MGM260C
  • MGM260C

CHP for London City

Another low-emission cogeneration for the City of London In the London City installed two more cogeneration units, each with an output of 263 kWe. These are tailor made pieces. The reason to replace existing machines [...]

  • KadZ
  • KadZ
  • KadZ

Twins of CHP containers to the Netherlands

Twins of double fuelled CHP containers to the Netherlands We built container mirror-symmetrical twins for our Dutch partner. They will be placed with a shorter wall next to each other, ie in a linear arrangement. [...]

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