CHP Natural Gas 50 Hz
CHP Biogas 50 Hz
CHP Natural Gas 60 Hz
CHP Biogas 60 Hz

CHP for Kolobrzeg WWTP (Poland)

Two cogeneration units with an output of 2 x 253 kWe for the Kolobrzeg WWTP in Poland. In Poland, MOTORGAS has recently experienced extraordinary success. Mainly thanks to the activity of the subsidiary MOTORGAS based in Sopot, [...]

Service needs spare parts warehouse

High-quality maintenance service cannot be ensured without own spare parts warehouse. Building a spare parts warehouse is the responsibility of anyone who is serious about the cogeneration business. Motorgas has a central warehouse with a [...]

Gas generator set 500kWe

Very new gas generator set for the production of electricity without the use of heat. It can be used as a backup generator or for continuous operation island or parallel. Very new product based on [...]

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