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The All New Micro CHP

We are launching a new 50 kWe micro-chp (cogeneration) unit. Under the name mikroman 50 it is primarily intended for space tight machine (boiler) rooms which there is not much space left, and therefore we [...]

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CHP cutting prices of the heat in Cheb

Terea Cheb has long been focused on reliable heat supply for households and industrial customers in Cheb and Aš. It is one of the first heating companies in the Czech Republic to gasify heating plants [...]

  • MGM260C
  • MGM260C

CHP for London City

Another low-emission cogeneration for the City of London In the London City installed two more cogeneration units, each with an output of 263 kWe. These are tailor made pieces. The reason to replace existing machines [...]

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Twins of CHP containers to the Netherlands

Twins of double fuelled CHP containers to the Netherlands We built container mirror-symmetrical twins for our Dutch partner. They will be placed with a shorter wall next to each other, ie in a linear arrangement. [...]

CHP units with reciprocating gas engines are highly efficient technology producing combined heat and power (co-generation). Overall efficiency of over 90% can be expected when maximum use.

Gas fuelled cogenerators are highly flexible providing you a capacity when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining.

Last but not least the CHP is fuel supply flexible. From natural gas to climate friendly biogas and hydrogen.


Variability of CHP design

Standardized cogeneration units for installation in the engine room (INdoor) or container designs for the outdoor use (OUTdoor). The special design is then practically unlimited. Possibility of custom production for long-term partners under their own private label.

INdoor H1600px

INdoor into machine room

Robust design – Massive sandwich cannopy construction with quick and comfortable wing opening – Electrical switchboard with control and power part and gas line integrated to compact module – Space for better service – Soundproof inlets and outlets of overpressure ventilation system

OUTdoor H1600px

OUTdoor to the outside

Soundproof steel container – Sandwich construction – Cooling radiators located on the roof – Electrical switchboard with control and power part in a separate space – Wide door on three sides to improve service access – Soundproof inlets and outlets of overpressure ventilation system

Special H1600px

Customized design

Design limited only by physical laws – Often necessary for reconstruction or replacement – The price specifically may not be as high as you think – For system partners we produce under private labels in individual specifications for local markets