About Motorgas

Gifted with technology and 28 years of experience - tradition & reliability

MOTORGAS Company profile

MOTORGAS Group employs about 60 people in four Central European countries (Czech, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary) with 8 million EUR of yearly total revenues.

Territorial scope

Motorgas founded in 1992 in Prague Czechia. Today we produce for markets throughout the world. You can buy our units in every EU country and in the USA as well. Contact please our headquarters with your local needs. We will quote or redirect you on local partner.

Gas and diesel engine business

MOTORGAS is focused on gas and diesel engined technology - mainly power generation and CHP. We are covering complete delivery chain from project design, CHP packaging and delivery, mounting on site and service and maintenance providing. Motorgas is major owner of Pevot company limited - focused on diesel engined solution.


Motorgas is company limited established in 1992 as fully private company limited. We design and package own CHP solutions. Over 200 units has been  delivered to our customers (majority of them CHP). Overall output in operation is nearly 55 MWe. MOTORGAS Czech now employ about 50 people (half of them is focused on service and maintenance).


Established 1999 as daughter company. The company is fully owned by MOTORGAS Czechia. MOTORGAS Slovakia now employ 9 people focused on service and maintenance mainly.


Established 2004 as daughter company. Major owned by MOTORGAS Czechia. The company is responsible for marketing, sales and maintenance of MOTORGAS products to Poland. MOTORGAS Polska now employs 5 people.


Established 2009 as local office responsible for sales contacts and to manage service requirements.

ico-date 22.10.2019
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