Kogenerace Indoor trojice okraj MGM series cogeneration units use MAN gas engines. Units are completely developed and designed by MOTORGAS engineers to meet highest quality requests. Be in direct contact to specialists who design the product for you in person. 
MAN 50Hz - nat gas 250 mg NOx
CHP type 
Electrical Power [kWe]
Thermal Power [kWt]
MGM 200 LE MGM 200 LE MAN E2676 LE202 200 258 more
MGM 310 LE MGM 310 LE MAN E3268 LE242 308 405 more
MGM 350 LE MGM 350 LE MAN E3268 LE212 330 423 more
MGM 430 LE MGM 430 LE MAN E3262 LE232 434 552 more
MGM 500 LE MGM 500 LE MAN E3262 LE202 500 596 more

ico-date 22.10.2019
Sklad ND motorgas kogenerace
Maintenance needs a spare parts
High-quality maintenance service cannot be ensured without own spare parts warehouse....>>>
ico-date 27.08.2019
dm drogerie kgj gen
DM Drogerie builds chp unit in Jihla ...
DM Drogerie builds in Jihlava (Czechia) cogeneration unit rated 200 kWe and 242 kWt....>>>
ico-date 22.07.2019
WWTP Nysa in Poland increases power ...
Five years from first CHP unit by motorgas, the operator of Nysa WWTP decided to increase output by an additio...>>>