Krumlov 3D

Flexible for individual requirements - More than 200 cogeneration units in Europe - Passion for technology - Focused on maintenance - 25 years - tradition - quality assurance.

INdoor to be mounted into engine room - Robust design - Solid sandwich construction of anti-noise cover - Integrated electrical switchboard with the control and power part - Gas line included - Spacious for comfortable maintenance work - Wide opening wing doors for free access.


OUTdoor to be mounted the outside environment - Steel sandwich structure soundproofed container - Part of technology (silencer exhaust, radiator coolers) located atop the roof of the container - The electrical switchboard in a separate room with its own door - Spacious for comfortable maintenance work - Frequency controlled ventilation system - Wide opening wing doors for free access.

CHP container

ico-date 06.02.2020
Gas Genset 500 kWe switchboard
New gas generator set 500 kWe
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ico-date 22.10.2019
Sklad ND motorgas kogenerace
Maintenance needs a spare parts
High-quality maintenance service cannot be ensured without own spare parts warehouse....>>>
ico-date 27.08.2019
dm drogerie kgj gen
DM Drogerie builds chp unit in Jihla ...
DM Drogerie builds in Jihlava (Czechia) cogeneration unit rated 200 kWe and 242 kWt....>>>