Our work for London City

28.01.2019 - 10:00

In the very center of London City, near most famous tourist monuments. Two cogeneration units. Each of 263 kWe with emissions lower than 25 mg / m3 NOx.

In place, with perhaps the strictest regulations on air protection in the UK and perhaps across the planet, our cogeneration units will soon be working. In London City, close to the most interesting tourist monuments and renowned financial center, two MAN gas engines will be installed, each with a 263 kWe output with three-way catalytic converters that provide extremely low NOx emissions of <25 mg / m3 @ 5% O2. Passing tests completed in January in Prague have demonstrated the fulfillment of the guaranteed parameters. The modular construction of the units (see figures below), which is necessary due to the difficulty of moving and meeting the requirements for easy maintenance.Kogenerace London City Motorgas

Kogenerace London City Motorgas

Kogenerace London City Motorgas 

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